Four Vital Steps to Winterize Your Property

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According to our almanac, the Richmond area usually experiences 18 nights with freezing temperatures in December. Winterizing and protecting your property are vital steps to ensure it will do well through the colder months ahead and get a good start on next year’s growth. The earlier you start, the easier it will be before it gets too cold out and the more manageable your lawn will be come spring.

How to wrap things up for the year:

  1. Winterize Your Sprinkler System
    If you have a sprinkler system make sure you winterize it!! Properly winterizing your system is important for many reasons. You will avoid broken pipes, broken heads, and a host of other problems when starting your system up in the spring. To properly winterize your system you will need to blow compressed air through all the zones to make sure no water is left in the heads or pipes. Lastly the main water supply to the system should be turned off.
  2. One Last Fertilization
    Give your lawn something to snack on during the winter and help build up the root system. This will pay dividends when the growing season comes back around. I would recommend a 32-0-7 or something around those numbers.
  3. Minimize Spring Weeds
    You may want to think about putting down some landscape pre-emergent weed preventer in your flower beds and landscaped areas. We recommend Preen or a more powerful commercial version known as Snapshot. This will prevent any cool season weeds from getting started and will minimize weeds starting in the spring.
  4. Prepare Your Perennials
    Clean up perennials by eliminating dead/old growth. Use a pair of hand pruners to cut off a couple inches off the ground. Some popular perennials can consist of day lilies, cone flowers, peonies, and lariope..

Give us a call at 804-837-8632 to find out about our professional winterizing services for your home or commercial property.

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