How to Install the Best Landscape Lighting System

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A common misconception is that installing an outdoor lighting system is super expensive. This is not true–it’s a luxury you can afford. In this blog post, you will learn the 9 steps our Outdoor Lighting Professionals take to install the best outdoor lighting system in Richmond, Virginia.

  1. Identify the best areas to light up
    1. Landscape lighting not only adds value but it increases safety. Our Exterior Lighting Professionals make sure the lit-up areas are balanced, and highlight the best features of your property including your home itself, bushes, and trees.
  2. Confirm wires are able to route to the chosen areas
    1. This process may be a little tricky, and sometimes you have to get creative by placing wires in gutters or under culvert pipes. Green Dream Landscaping paints the wire so it blends in its new home.
  3. Pick the best lighting placement
    1. Adjusting your lighting will make or break your outdoor lighting system. Green Dream Landscaping knows how to adjust the exterior lighting to give optimal depth and texture to your property.
  4. Decide what kind of lighting
    1. Make the decision if the objects will look better with a warm or cool light. This is essential for the overall ambiance of your new outdoor lighting system.
  5. Pick beam spread and the lens type
    1. Figure out how many watts of power your system will need. This is a good time to think about the future expansion of the system because this will allow you to select the right transformer.
  6. Add a GFCI outlet, if needed
  7. Install the transformer and lights
    1. Most households run on 120-volt power but most landscape lighting only needs 12v. A transformer converts the household electrical down to the voltage needed for the outdoor lighting system. In turn, this saves an abundance of money and energy. Learn more about transformers through this link here.
  8. Set the timer for when you would like them to automatically turn on and off.

After those 8 steps are completed, you can enjoy your beautified property. Using Outdoor Lighting Specialists, like Green Dream Landscaping, is an easy way to ensure you are building the best exterior lighting system in Richmond, VA. Visit this link here to see a gallery of past outdoor lighting projects we completed.

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