Project Description

Shrub Removal and new Mulched Beds in Henrico

before shrub removalNew mulched perennial bed installation

Shrub Removal & Replace + New Mulched Beds in Dorset Woods, Henrico

If your house has a lot of overgrown, dead and dying, out of place shrubs it could be time for a new look! Green dream landscaping can design and install a low maintenance, color packed, and unique design that will make coming home to a pleasure as you pull into the driveway.
Project outline:
  • Remove shrubs/existing plant material.
  • Establish new perennial bed in front.
  • Remove unwanted trees from back.
  • Collaborate and install amazing plant list!
  • Newly planted areas mulched, pine tags installed for perennial bed.

Do you have a landscaping project too big to take on yourself? Need help designing and planning your yard? Looking to sell your property & maximize value?

Hire a locally owned and operated professional Landscaping Contractor here in Henrico to help you plan and install your dream yard.

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