Pro Tips For A Lush Green Lawn

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Don’t Be a Hose Dragger

Not having an irrigation system, but still wanting a dense, green and healthy lawn, is almost impossible. It means either dragging a hose around and watering by hand, or setting up the manual sprinkler and staying home to move it around at set intervals or, for those with timers, when you notice it went off. And when dried out areas are dethatched, aerated and over-seeded to come back to life, they must be watered for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon every day for three weeks. If the areas are replaced with sod, they must be literally “over-soaked” by watering three times every day for at least 30 minutes for the sod to stay alive and properly root. Admit it, you are either not able to stay home and water your lawn the way it needs to be watered, or you certainly have much better things you could be doing with your time. With an installed system, your lawn is watered at the specific times and in the exact amounts required for optimal health, no more, no less.

It Pays For Itself and Saves You Money

An irrigation system installed by professionals who will precisely determine the optimal frequency and quantity of watering each zone needs is a vital part of achieving the dense, green turf that will make your property a showplace. It will save you the money and the value of your time you’d otherwise spend on watering, weeding, and repairing or replacing dead or damaged areas. It will pay for itself through:

  • money not spent on weeding chemicals
  • the cost of seed or sod needed to repair damaged areas, and
  • ultimately through the property value increase you’ll get by finally achieving the lawn of your dreams.

Installed Irrigation Systems Keep Lawns Alive and Crowd Out Weeds

A thick, healthy turf is also the best weed preventer. Anything less than optimal watering will result in dried out grass. If the dead grass is not removed or dethatched, the healthy grass will weaken because it cannot get the sun, chemicals and water it needs for a healthy root system and vibrant green blades. When the dead grass is removed or thinned out through dethatching, the empty space will almost always be replaced naturally by faster growing weeds than by re-growing its own new grass.

A Professional Lawn & Turf Care Regimen

Once your lawn is getting the water it needs for really great results, it requires regular mowing and feeding, and occasional watering adjustments. With our Lawn and Turf Care programs, we tailor a lawn care program to the specific needs for your situation. Your lawn is mowed at the intervals and to the length best suited to thrive. It gets scheduled applications of fertilizing chemicals needed to make up for what your soil is lacking and what time naturally depletes. And it gets fast attention to any areas that may need the help of weeding, dethatching aerating, and either seeding or sodding.

The Lawn of Your Green Dreams
At Green Dream Landscpaing, we know that no two lawns are exactly alike. But all lawns need water, fertilizing chemicals and hand-delivered care to be as healthy and lush as they can be. Call or email us at Green Dream today for more information and let this be the year that you and your property finally achieve the lush, green lawn of your dreams.

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