Why Fertilize Your Lawn

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To keep or get your lawn as thick, healthy and green as it can be, you have to feed it! A consistent, regular fertilization program provides your turfgrass with the essential nutrients it cannot get from sun and water and isn’t getting from your soil.

Well-maintained lawns that are on a year-round fertilization program not only look great, they also fend off weeds, insects and disease, need less watering, prevent soil erosion and withstand the rigors of whatever sort of fun you might want to have on them.


Your lawn actually requires 16 chemicals to stay lush and healthy. Air and water provide carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and your soil or fertilizer applications provide the remaining required nutrients. These include the primary nutrients: nitrogen (for strong color and top growth), phosphorus (to stimulate root development), and potassium (for disease resistance and water retention); the secondary nutrients: sulfur, calcium, and magnesium; and the micronutrients: iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, boron, and chlorine. For best results, your lawn should be given these nutrients in evenly spaced treatments throughout the year.


Before applying just any fertilizer mixture to your lawn, you’ll need to determine its natural health and fertility by testing the soil. At Green Dreams, our soil test includes an analysis of your soil’s pH, phosphorus, and potassium levels as well as recommendations for improvement. Knowing the actual conditions lets you to make informed decisions regarding fertilizer application rates and frequencies and the ideal quantities of each nutrient to apply..


After each fertilizer treatment, the applied nutrients become mixed with the moisture in the soil and absorbed through hair-like feeder roots. Once absorbed, they’re distributed to the areas where they’re needed to build new roots, promote fuller leaf growth, ward off diseases and help your turfgrass hold water throughout the year.


Based on our experience in the greater Richmond area, we know the best fertilizer for your particular needs and can apply it in the right amounts at the right times of the year to ensure beautiful, healthy growth. Contact us today for more information on our fertilization programs.

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